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For farmers and other agricultural professionals, pesticides are an essential tool. These compounds repel and destroy pests and other growths that pose a threat to crops. Consequently, crops maintain their health and are spared from destruction by these outside influences. Farmers may increase growing yields and more effectively safeguard their crops by using pesticides. 

Every pesticide by biological pesticide manufacturer has uses and advantages of its own. Furthermore, choosing a pesticide for your crops might occasionally appear daunting due to the abundance of accessible varieties. Making the finest choice will be aided by your knowledge of the varieties that are most frequently employed in farming. 

This is a summary of how to pick the right pesticide for your crops.

Pesticide Types Used in Agriculture 

Although the main purpose of all pesticides is to repel pests, there are several other applications for them. The need to establish a categorization system is underscored by the wide variety of pesticides. In this manner, experts in agriculture can distinguish between them and choose the most appropriate one for their circumstances. 

Here are a few classification schemes for pesticides:

By Pests

A lot of experts group pesticides according to the kind of pests they work on. By adding the suffix “-side” to the pest’s name, they can construct words for distinct kinds. An algicide, for instance, is a pesticide that fights algae, and a fungicide is a pesticide that targets fungus. This categorization system is widely common since it lets you select a pesticide according to a particular pest management issue. 


Pesticides can also be categorized or clustered according to the active chemical they contain. The biologically active component of a pesticide is known as the active ingredient. The pesticide’s container must include the name of these substances, as they are usually the ones that keep pests under control. 

By Mode of Action

The next approach to group pesticides is based on how they work to control pests, or their mode of action (MOA). For example, various pesticide types may have varied methods for controlling pests. The MOA of a pesticide defines as a letter or number on the bottle. These figures can be used to combine pesticides that have the same MOA.

Work Related

Finally, experts also classify pesticides according to when or how they operate. How pesticides function is numerous. To repel bugs, for example, many insecticides need direct touch. Using this technique, the pesticide starts to act as soon as you spray directly to the crop surfaces. Alternatively, a distinct kind known as selective pesticide targets just a certain kind of bug. 

Start Using Pesticides Right Now 

You may choose which pesticide is ideal for your crops and your needs by using any of these classes. Before choosing a pesticide, you must ascertain what kind of threat your crops are facing. For instance, every day the majority of crops are vulnerable to many insects. You can treat your crops with pesticides now that you know this. Applying insecticides to your crops is necessary for their healthy development. China biological pesticide supplier produces premium farming pesticides, such as agricultural sprayers, to assist you increase crop yields. 

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